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Personal Halfquake V
By muddasheep, July 28th 2009, 21:36:54


welcome to the latest version of Personal Halfquake!

I told one of my scientists to write me a list of all the changes that have happened while I was asleep. Here are the changes I was told to mention first.

Scientist once said:

* First and foremost, the class Contracts Sellers got removed! We've worked out an agreement with our generous agencies; they will provide us all with the necessary supply of victims from now on.

* We've sent hundreds of slaves back to the laboratories, implanted some new chips and improved their trap crafting skills; now we don't have to worry about crafting and placing traps anymore. Our slaves do that for us!

* However - if some of us still desire to work the traps business themselves, they can activate the new Hardcore Mode, found on the items page. This will let them customize, craft and place traps again, just like the good old days. They will earn extra experience points from the Trap Chains, and also earn money from traps they sell. Hard labor is rewarded!

Note: Crafted traps are always bought first, and when there are no crafted traps in stock, our slaves will provide them for us automatically.

And now for the rest of the list.

Scientist once said:

* We invented a new way to annoy each other! Inflict Insanity allows sadists to spy on each other, damage traps, spoil contracts, kill victims and creatures, burn resources, beat up and curse Chosen Victims, steal Chosen Victim items, or send spam messages! This fun way of making somebody's day a bit worse is filed under +Toys+. Inflict Insanity

* The following creatures have gained new or updated abilities: Knight of Sadism, Jean-Luc Picard, Winged Dragon, Bombing Slave, Evil Tounge Frog, Eagle of Sadism, Converted Marine, Bloody Mutated Evil Dog, Experienced Elder Knight of Sadism, Dynamic Crossbow Elite Slave, Suicidal Tendency Halfquake Fan, Ridiculous Fly, and Somos.

* Rating products has been improved! Sadists in Hardcore Mode can now allow ratings for each trap individually!

* Browsing History and the page title have been improved.

* The Items section has been rebuilt from scratch! The new items Hardcore Mode and Insanity Defense have been added, the latter of which helps you receive less annoyance/damage from inflicted insanity. Items

* The Forum has gotten a slightly different overview, and the German section has been removed (but can still be searched). Forum

* The entrance area of PHQ has been completely reconstructed from ground up! Account/Password recovery and Login have been vastly improved, FAQ and General Information have been merged. News and Polls are now readable without having to log in. The menu images are new as well. Note: Change your e-mail address now if the one saved here is outdated!

* The Chosen Victim Item Bazaar has received a new overview section, displaying various statistics. CV Items Bazaar

* Bomb Victims, the Bazaar, Trap Management and a few other sections now load via AJAX, increasing loading speeds by up to 300%! Bomb Victims

* The Profile section has been destroyed and rebuilt! Personal Menu can now be displayed along with the default menu; the [profile] code is not mandatory anymore! Profile

* Articles section has been remade! This introduced the new message code [title]. Another additional message code is [spoiler]. PHQ Articles

* Tests have proved that participating in polls actually makes you feel slightly more experienced! Polls

* Weapon Skill levels are now remembered by your Chosen Victims! No more of the "I accidentally fed my level 25 sword to that bastard and he actually had the nerve to eat it" situations.

* The Dragon Ass-istant has been taught new stuff! Plus, it always shows you the help topic of the current section now.

* Newcomers may look for aid in the updated Help section! Help

* The Dragon Ass-istant, message code list, message previews, article images, the Color Chooser and trap details get displayed in a more modern way now. Note: These popup windows can also be closed with the escape key.

* It is possible to create and sell Skins now! These utilize CSS code to change the whole layout of Personal Halfquake. Skins

The list abruptly ends here for some reason. Oh well. There's something else I noticed when looking closely at my institute.

Everybody's received IPTs in relation to their previous Trap Crafting Skill or Contracts Fame Level. We should check the Items section and raise Trap Crafting Skill (increases available traps to craft) or Contracts Fame Level (increases list of available agencies) to suit our needs. Items

Also, we've received 150 Defense Coupons with which we can level up some weapons (or create creatures or get some random items) in the Common Enemy section. Coupon Exchange

And another scientist let me know that new traps are in production. And it will probably take a few more months before they are available.

Well, I'd say, in the spirit of Murther, let's get back to killing!


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