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The Throne of Sadism
By muddasheep, July 04th 2015, 00:33:26

Dear remaining sadists,

dire times are upon us! I fear this won't end well. Here's what I noticed upon logging in today:

* Chosen Victims of abandoned institutes now fight automatically. All Chosen Victims

* Chosen Victims now get experience points when fighting other Chosen Victims.

* You gain experience points when inflicting insanity. Inflict Insanity

* You can now loot abandoned institutes randomly (up to five times a day). Loot Institutes

* The Throne of Sadism has been built. It allows you to control money. Only one can claim the throne at a time and will lose it once being inactive for more than thirty minutes.

This, my friends and foes, might be our end.

Yours truly,


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