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By muddasheep, April 02nd 2019, 12:21:19


Recent dangerous experiments resulted in another devastating crash. Thankfully, unlike last time, the backups were up-to-date and nothing was lost.

Well, almost nothing. It seems like a handful of images didn't make it. If you are missing a personal image, I ask you to please upload it again.

Management told me to apologize on their behalf, they will throw themselves into a bunch of traps this afternoon, even though it wasn't their fault.

If you notice any errors, please let me know, or leave a message on the Halfquake discord server.

Thank you for your continued dedication to killing random victims.


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April 03rd 2019, 00:58:51
I have to restore my flag and i still don't know how to put my avatar on my article that i configurated previously.

But that's ok, as long as you can manage to restore all of it, it will be fine.

PD: I didn't knew the website was up, now i have missed days xD
April 03rd 2019, 16:26:16
So this is what happened, I thought I was going crazy when I saw my CV level up to 62 twice xD

Speaking of errors, none of the Personal Page functions aren't working, with the infamous Error 404 appearing instead. Those damn dragons must have eaten this part of the server again!
April 03rd 2019, 21:30:08
April 03rd 2019, 22:54:21
I restored the Personal Page, and as many images as I was able to; unfortunately, some of the newer images are now lost. ): Thanks thebetahawk and MGC for reporting it and for your patience! (:
April 04th 2019, 04:20:24
Well you did what you could, don't feel bad! ^^

whoozaah another battle won against the dragons!
April 04th 2019, 07:48:11
I forgot to mention that i tried out different PHQ Skins, the page looks identical as the original PHQ.

Nvm, i tried out now and it worked xD, i just needed to delete the skin and bring it back, sorry for the false alarm :eek

April 04th 2019, 23:15:08
"My Virtual Brain" has been emptied... I think I still had one or two fortune cookie ideas saved there (Not the end of the world)
April 06th 2019, 14:44:19
@thebetahawk: Thank you, I will try to make two separate backups, one that doesn't contain all files in a large rar file that stops extracting files with one error (it's an automatic backup plugin in plesk, so i will just have to do a manual one too every now and then).

@MGC: Glad it works again for you!

@TheNameless: Sorry about that. ): Brains are stored in encrypted files, so again, the backup extraction stopped after one file was corrupt (ironically, it was a file I had uploaded on EXP ), so some files are lost forever now.
April 07th 2019, 17:41:19
haha, I just thought: well, that sucks that my fortune cookie ideas are gone forever now... but wait, if it sucks, that's a great topic for a sadistic fortune cookie -> new idea: Brains do forget, that's not uncommon. There are no backups for brains and the things you treasured will disappear one by one and mostly you don't even notice. That's a nice downlifting story for a cookie. (I'm spoiling this also because in case you get that cookie, you will have forgotten this comment already)

the problem automatically generated a solution, yay xD ;)
April 07th 2019, 20:44:13
@TheNameless: XD

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