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Halfcake: Ramen
Article by TaskBeenden, February 17th 2007, 17:44:58
Do you know the original "Halfquake cake" by Muddasheep and Auriane ?
No, you don't !?!
Well then check it out, because this one was the motivation for our product:

Halfcake Production proudly presents: "Halfcake: Ramen"

For all those hungry sadists, this is episode two.
The cake is based on a barm dough and the margin is made of filo dough.
Next comes a mixture of ramen noodles, chinese vegetables, a hot curry sauce and a hot chilli sauce. The top is made of cheese with cut ham on it.
And finally the filo dough forms the sadistic smiley.

It took us about 4 hours to buy all the ingredients, prepare the dough, boil the noodles and bake the cake.
To our surprise the cake turned out very tasty.

So to everyone who wants to try it out:
Enjoy your meal and the cooking

We can see into the future...
When we look into the glass ball, I can see a dark blurred shape of another
thing, yeah, it almost looks like a cake. But it's yet very vague.
Be Prepared...

2007 Halfcake Productions. All rights reserved.
HC Prod. by CellarDoor and TheNameless



ramen noodles

>the original halfquake cake
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