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Nine Inch Nails LP for free!
Article by psychomessiahs, May 17th 2008, 22:15:06
I have just come across this marvelous news: Trent is giving away another Album for free. Go there and download it! Link on the side.
So am I doing right now as I am writing this.

Quick Song by Song Review:
I have to rush out in a minute, so I quickly note some first impressions of every song.
1: 999,999 - Intro, Not much is happening
2: 1,000,000 - Classical, catchy NIN rocksong
3: Letting You - Weird, jumpy rythm and distortion. I like it
4: Discipline - Upbeat Drums and Bassline combined with a piano. Finally a song with the happy, yet sad feeling I love about NIN.
5: Echoplex - Straight electronic rock song at the beginning, sounding almost like placebo leading into a sphearic end that reminds me of a real bad trip.
6: Head down - Heavily distorted oldschool song
7: Lights in the Sky - Extremely slow and low minimalistic song. Very very lovely. Worth a depression.
8: Corona Radiata - Starting seamless with the end of the previous song, this is but an echo and weird sounds. Reminds me of silent hill though I cant really say why.
9: The Four of us are dying - A song with no lyrics but very catchy. This might come to be one of my favourites of the album.
10: Demon Seed - Distorted Rock song with that The Fragile sound. I like it very much.

Free Album + Nine Inch Nails = Win
There are no songs I dislike and some I love. A decent album and imho better than With Teeth, the last NIN album that I payed money for.
If you like NIN, go for it.
If you dont like NIN, go for it nevertheless, its free and you have nothing to lose. :P

Overall Rating:
10 out of 10

>Get it here!
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