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Halfcake: Bunrice
Article by TheNameless, April 06th 2007, 17:16:13
Episode 3!

After the legendary Halfquake Cake by Muddasheep and Auriane
and the toungue burning Halfcake: Ramen by Halfcake Productions,
there's now the third part of this delicious trilogy:

CellarDoor and TheNameless present to you, the one and only:

Halfcake: Bunrice

(2007 Halfcake productions, all rights reserved)

Bun-rice? wtf!??!

Yes, sir, you read correctly, Halfcake: Bunrice!
The two ingredients we had to use for the means of our pun
(no, not punrice) were sweet buns and rice, in our case, rice pudding.
It took us a lot of time to make it, just because, you know...
"failure is always the best way to learn"

What's in there?

The ingredients are :
-yeast dough for the bottom and the sides
-ten sweet buns placed at the sides as a mighty ring of defense towers
-rice pudding (375 grams of rice, 150 g sugar and 1.5 liters of milk,
everything boiled for about 30 minutes)
-gooseberries to fill the spaces between the buns and as a bun filling
-sour cherries for the sadistic smiley and as a bun filling
-cinnamon and a bit of sugar to put on top at the end

Sounds tasty! How do you make it?

Prepare the yeast dough and roll it out in a good size for your cake pan.
The one piece of dough has to serve as the bottom and the sides.
Then put the buns upright at the sides. As you have to wait a bit for the
dough to get ready you can make the rice pudding in the meantime.
Just boil the ingredients for half an hour and it's ready. You can add
a bit of cinnamon if you like. Fill the cake pan with the rice pudding and
place the gooseberries between the buns. Now smooth out the rice pudding,
form the sadistic smiley on it with the cherries, brutally decapitate the
tops of the buns (they'll turn black in the oven otherwise), disembowel
them (don't have mercy! Be strong!) and fill them with gooseberries and
cherries. Now just a bit of cinnamon and sugar on top, let it burn in hell
for a bit more than half an hour and you're ready to gorge the result.
Bon appetit!

Wow, you really are... bored...

Thank you very much! And hungry!
A shame, that this will (most likely) be the last scrumptious result of
the fabulous Halfcake Productions.
However, it was a pleasure for CellarDoor and me to bring you this news
of great achievements in the flavorful Halfcake Universe.
Thank you!
Cake pan, Dough , Buns, Rice pudding

The nameless deathsman did his work

Filled, spiced, ready to bake

What comes after hell


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