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Tournament Round 3
By muddasheep, March 05th 2007, 23:30:34

Ladies and Gentlemen,

the third round of the Draversi Tournament has started! The winners of the second round are:

- Khimitsu
- TheNameless
- LordAsriel
- Loony99

Do your best!


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Funnycreature (4/5)
March 06th 2007, 06:38:05
TaskBeenden (4/5)
March 06th 2007, 12:56:00
fight like warriors
Steltie (5/5)
March 06th 2007, 13:05:58
Let's bet! ^^
I'll bet on Khimitsu ^^
TaskBeenden (4/5)
March 06th 2007, 20:43:02
Loony will crush them all. for sure :P
March 06th 2007, 22:33:10
*holds a bloody knife behind his back* No....I was just ..erm....lucky
March 06th 2007, 23:30:04
omg I made it into the final round >_>
after having a tough enemy and hours of stressful thinking :P
Steltie (5/5)
March 07th 2007, 15:24:45
Yeah, GO LOONY! GO! ^^
March 07th 2007, 18:26:45
Indeed, I'm very much afraid Loony99 shall be the one to deliver my demise.


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