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The Sulking Trap Engineer
By muddasheep, August 31st 2015, 10:40:44

Dear remaining, persistent sadists,

I'm here to inform you that the Trap Engineer has run off. Three people voted against him in the recent poll and somehow he found out; it didn't do his ego any good...

Other than that, there's been some shifting around. Here's what in particularly:

* Badges are now categorized - two categories for now: Badges

* New badges have been added.

* The inventory capacity of our Chosen Victims can now be increased with some, uh, "voodoo".
Chosen Victim

* Chosen Victims can now get experience when finding items on the surface.

* Chosen Victims can now be renamed (click on the name on the status page). (Thanks Egi_Razorz)

* The current queen or king can be dismissed if five votes are cast.

* The current queen or king can now look at money history and royal people of the past.

* You can now cancel Draversi games, if the opponents haven't been active for a long time. (Thanks Steltie)

* The Draversi chat no longer suggests previous input. (Thanks Steltie)

* Forcing Chosen Victims to walk on the surface results only in a personal chat message from now on.

* E-Mails sent by PHQ have been reworked to be compliant with current standards (should prevent them from being flagged as spam).

* The menu will now show current active page.

* When placing new images on the Cause of Absence board, it will automatically reload the background image now. (Thanks Steltie)

* Fixed an issue, where you could not click directly on checkboxes when buying datasheets. (Thanks Kowi)

* Fixed a UI issue, when setting the chat history to 550 lines. (Thanks Kowi)

* Fixed an issue, where sometimes the message would not get sent when trading resources. (Thanks Steltie)

* Fixed strange forum layout bug (found by Steltie)

There's more to look forward to. Maybe something with creatures...


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August 31st 2015, 10:56:03
* This update is nice. (Thanks Muddasheep)
Steltie (5/5)
August 31st 2015, 13:03:50
Yep! to what the funny creature said. :cat

This rubbish magic sounds really awesome! :D

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