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The Throne of Sadism
By muddasheep, July 04th 2015, 00:33:26

Dear remaining sadists,

dire times are upon us! I fear this won't end well. Here's what I noticed upon logging in today:

* Chosen Victims of abandoned institutes now fight automatically. All Chosen Victims

* Chosen Victims now get experience points when fighting other Chosen Victims.

* You gain experience points when inflicting insanity. Inflict Insanity

* You can now loot abandoned institutes randomly (up to five times a day). Loot Institutes

* The Throne of Sadism has been built. It allows you to control money. Only one can claim the throne at a time and will lose it once being inactive for more than thirty minutes.

This, my friends and foes, might be our end.

Yours truly,


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July 04th 2015, 12:53:34
It's happening! Bless us Somos!

Also is it me or a sadist stays online forever unless he/she presses the logout button? I wanna be the king, too >.>
July 04th 2015, 13:27:59
It records your last action time, so as soon as you close your browser/tab and thirty minutes pass, the throne is free again.
July 04th 2015, 13:37:04
But how do I capture it? Does it happen automaticly?
July 04th 2015, 13:39:18
You visit the throne, and if it's free, you can "take a seat". (:
July 04th 2015, 13:42:23
Okay, thanks a lot! You'll never outstrip me ahahaha!!!
July 04th 2015, 14:07:33
I can try
July 04th 2015, 14:13:21
Oh, I... Didn't consider this... Well, one day I'll come up with a better plan. And I'll strike back! Ahahaha!
Neoviper (5/5)
July 04th 2015, 21:23:17
Usurper, let your guard down for a mere 30 minutes and I'll reclaim my throne!
July 04th 2015, 22:10:32
I was waiting for it for too long, so... Never! Well, not until I go to bed.
July 05th 2015, 18:10:46
Oh my gosh, I didn't do anything since... whew!

Gotta get a grip on this again!
July 06th 2015, 19:30:01
My 2nd job as a mere office dude to sustain my institute makes it hard to keep the throne!
July 15th 2015, 16:36:21
Do looted Institutes get deleted permanently? I feel like an ass stealing upwards of 30 million quid from people and ruining their game XD
July 15th 2015, 16:53:32
I don't think so. The number of the institutes than can be looted seems to be restored every day.
July 15th 2015, 21:13:14
I figured that new Institutes went over the time limit with every day that passes and thus every day a couple hundred new institutes become abandoned.
July 15th 2015, 23:52:40
A couple hundred every day? Are you sure? We only have about 2.5k institutes in general. Still possible tho, MS is sort of an evil scientist.
July 16th 2015, 11:00:02
"Couple hundred" was just an estimate from the top my head and way off, thinking about it.
It seems to start each 24h day with +/-1530 lootable Institutes and +/- 1500 are left at the end. So about 30 Institutes each day sounds more reasonable.
July 16th 2015, 15:20:13
You only loot a fraction of SD of abandoned institutes, so they stay around, waiting for more looting. Also, abandoned institutes can only get looted once a real life day, that's why the counter goes up and down.

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