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We made it!
By muddasheep, August 06th 2015, 08:49:24

Dear generator ass-kickers,

everything seems to be back online! That was a cruel joke, we should sue whoever's responsible.

Anyway! I noticed a few minor changes around here.

* Chosen Victims have 10 more inventory slots available by default (it's still not enough, so I'm in talks with someone to work out a plan for even more space).

* Personal advisors now also hint at checking out old institutes and at looting abandoned ones. (Thanks, Steltie!)

* Looting abandoned institutes is easier than ever before! (There is a button to loot again...)

And wait... something's not right...


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August 06th 2015, 08:53:49
Oh boy! The black market is destroyed!
August 06th 2015, 12:36:15
Oh.. That will make things a bit complicated.. I say we organize our own services again, like in ye olden days. With blackjack and hookers.
August 06th 2015, 12:47:24
You mean with blackjack and jazzymike?
August 06th 2015, 12:49:58
Fine, he'll do.
August 06th 2015, 14:04:53
My CV didn't get those 10 additional slots BTW.
August 06th 2015, 14:54:49
@Funnycreature: I'm sure he did. That was changed a while ago already though.

Edit: ... WHAT? The life and death cells are destroyed too? Holy sh--

Edit 2: We need the life cell! And more importantly the death cell of course. Let's focus on the CV Item Bazaar then!
August 06th 2015, 23:17:41
August 06th 2015, 23:49:35
Well done on the new text for the destroyed black market muddasheep, hilarious stuff. I particularly like the trap engineer one. It's good to see some new stuff going on here all of a sudden.
August 07th 2015, 08:20:33
@Steltie: Well, it has 15 slots now while wearing stuff that adds 5 more slots. You tell me it had 0 slots by default before the update?
August 07th 2015, 11:48:59
@Funnycreature: Yes ^^

@Neoviper: Thank you!
August 07th 2015, 15:31:24
August 07th 2015, 17:10:51
Exactly :D
August 10th 2015, 21:59:21
Why can't I donate anymore? I want my Lab back ASAP.
August 11th 2015, 01:19:21
As far as I know, you're neither king nor queen.
August 11th 2015, 07:13:35
I see... Feels bad to be a servant.

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